Saturday, February 9, 2013

Best Backpacks For Under $75

Hi, from my very boring Accounting Class!
The spring semester is already upon us and like 
 many of you, I have found myself with a class schedule that has me walking all over campus. College girls need a stylish and practical way to carry our iPads, binders, books and such. Something that is cute enough to double as a purse, practical enough to not break our backs, and economical enough to afford on our meager student budgets.
I've compiled a list of 10 stylish backpacks for under $75, some as low as $14.99:
Rabbit Print Backpack $49.11,
Rabbit Print Backpack $49.11,
Hope you enjoyed my suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @ScottieKey!


  1. I am in love with the floral backpack!! I bought a denim one from American Apparel a while back and it's perfect for school!Xx

  2. Love that acid wash back pack :) Really enjoyed reading you hair myths posts too some great tips :)
    Style With Friends

  3. It was designed perfectly.I like this style.Really nice! Everything I could want in the leather jackets on, good cutting, nice details, great fit.


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