Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hair Myths Exposed: Part I

Myth #1: You need to switch shampoos often or your hair will get used to it, so it won't work anymore.

Dry Brittle Hair
Not quite. While it is a good idea to occasionally change your shampoo, it's not because your hair is building up some sort of  tolerance to your Paul Mitchell. There are three different scenarios in which you would actually need to change your shampoo.


1. Seasonal Changes

During the summer, when the air is hot and humid, your scalp can become more oily than normal. So look for a shampoo with a volumizing effect that can control the excess oil. During winter time, when we are exposed to lots of dry, artificial heat, look for a more hydrating shampoo option.
Seasonal Shampoo Collage
Try Sebastian's Volupt in the Summer and Redken's Clear Moisture in the Winter.

2. Dietary Changes

What you eat has a dramatic effect on your hair. People who do not get their recommended dose of fatty acids and vitamins everyday typically have dry and broken hair. In this situation, you wouldn't need to change your shampoo, but do add a 5 minute hair mask, like Moroccan Oil, once a week into your beauty regiment. This will revitalize the humectants in your hair.
"Foods for Healthy Hair" is a great list of foods that will make your hair look beautiful.
"Foods for Healthy Hair" is a great list of foods that will help your hair look beautiful.

3. Aging

Just like the rest of our body, hair becomes weak or brittle with age. As you get older you may find that you will need a shampoo formula that has a higher content of reparative proteins, like soy milk, that will mend your weak strands.
Paul Mitchel
Try Paul Mitchel's Super Strong Daily Shampoo, not just for aging hair but also for damaged hair.
Tip: When it comes to shampoo, you get what you pay for. If you opt to buy a less expensive shampoo, like Pantene, you will not save money. Shampoo's are all relatively very similar, the reason certain brands are less expensive than others has to do with the amount of preservatives used. In a less expensive brand there will be a lot of preservatives, which cause build up on your hair. You will find yourself washing your hair more often and having to use more shampoo for each wash, thus, not saving money. I recommend Sebastian products. They are typically middle of the road as far as price and I've been using them for years with no complaints.

Check back next week for my Hair Myths Exposed: Part II in which I reveal what will actually make your hair grow faster and what won't!

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