Monday, October 8, 2012

The Grand Bouffant

This DIY hairstyle comes from's blog. It's fabulously called "The Grand Bouffant" and it is GRAND! 
It's a great tutorial and the instructions are easy to follow! 

 Here is my cousin, Genna (not a hair stylist or a model) recreating the look based on ONLY the instructions given in the tutorial:

 1. Checking out the instructions from ModCloth.
2.Sectioning off the front of her hair.
3. Twisting it to keep it from mixing with the rest.
4. Section off a 1" thick panel of hair at your crown and tease. *Teasing Tip* Always try to keep the "nest" close to your scalp. Remember to push it down. 

5. Here is an image the 1" thick panel of hair. Genna is pushing the "nest" close to her scalp.
6. She twist that section
7. and ties it into a little bun, securing it with bobby pins. *TIP* Make sure the bun is secured close to your scalp. Remember you have to be able to cover it with the hair from your first section. 
8. Lay the hair from the first section over the bun, and check with hand held mirror to make sure your bun is hidden.

9. Secure that hair with bobby pins.
10. & 11. pull any excess hair towards the back and secure with more bobby pins. 
12. Finish off with plenty of hair spray.

13. Finished look from the side.
14. Finished look from the back.
15. Finished look from the front. Beautiful!

This is a great tutorial and it only takes about 15 minutes! Easy to do and very pretty. Perfect look for work! 

Hope this was helpful! 

P.S. Do you love Genna's Hair Cut & Color? I hope so, because I do her hair! XoXo

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