Monday, January 7, 2013

Accessorizing Your Winter Wardrobe

Looking fabulous on a students budget isn't easy.

This year I had to get very creative with my accessories because purchasing a new winter coat just wasn't in the stars for me. I've put together a few winter accessory ideas for glamming up my trusty, black winter coat from last season!

Tip: When buying accessories get crazy and get trendy! Don't spend to much money because that accessory might be a one trick pony. You can never know what will be on trend next year! I like to spend my big money on basics and classics; then spend a little less on really fantastic accessories.
Keep your ears warm with some cute head gear. Try a knitted turban or some furry ear muffs.
Gloves can be so cute. Here's a tip for gloves: make sure they have leather soles or they are fingerless so you can drive in them!
I have an entire wall of scarves. I wear a different one everyday and I feel like they just complete and outfit.
Every time I see a girl in a hat, I always think she's a little cooler than me. Hat's are cool.
Saved the best for last! Dress up that old winter coat with some spiked shoulder pads or a faux fur lapel!

Just remember to take risks with accessories. They can really add flare to an outfit.

Happy Shopping!


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