Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mani, Pedi, and a Splash of Nail Art

The nail art trend has taken us by storm! Nail art has gone from just another fashion blunder of the 1980s (along with acid washed jeans and mullets) to a trend that can be very chic and beautiful.
Before After Collage Mani, Pedi, and a Splash of Nail Art
Nail art can be an expression of yourself, your style, or even just your mood.
Expression Collage Mani, Pedi, and a Splash of Nail Art
With nail art you can say “I’m edgy,” “today is a fancy day,” or  “I’m feeling funny.”
We’ve thrown the old rules for painted nails out the door, it’s time to get creative.
Creative Nails Collage Mani, Pedi, and a Splash of Nail Art
Maybe paint each nail a different color, use a detailed design, or even try 3D nails.
Feeling a little apprehensive about such bold nails? Try something a bit more subtle.
More Subtle Collage Mani, Pedi, and a Splash of Nail Art
Play around with glitter, put a new twist on a classic look, or just try out interesting colors.
However you decide to enjoy this current trend, I recommend having your nail art done by a professional. I know there are a lot of DIY nail tutorials floating around the internet, but let’s face it, nail art is better left to an actual nail artist.
If you can’t afford to pay a professional to do your nails, try just painting with really cool polish.
Famed nail polish designer Deborah Lippman has collaborated with Lena Dunham, creator, director, and star of HBO’s hit series Girls, to create this fabulous new collection of polish. Each color is named for one of the four main characters of the fashionable show. So, if you can’t afford to have your nails done weekly or bi-weekly by a professional, you should definitely invest in this really cool collection.

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  1. The glitter tips are my favourite! If only my nails were long enough x


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