Monday, September 17, 2012

Hair Tutorial Introduction

The Fun Bun
We’ve all seen these fun, DIY Hair Tutorials floating around all over the internet. They look so cute and seem like they are so easy! Just 6-8 images of a model doing what seems like easy little steps. Yeah. Have you ever tried one? I am a professional and licensed hair stylist and a lot of these tutorials were difficult even for me.
I’ve decided to help you all out with these tutorials. Each week, I’ll pick a new tutorial, attempt to replicate the steps exactly as they are shown and show you the finished product. If the tutorial is misleading or doesn’t quite come out the way it should, I will demonstrate how to adjust the steps so you can get the look at home. You’re Welcome! <3 So, don’t forget to check back next week for my review of "The Fun Bun!"

Here's a preview from today's review photo shoot with Emily Dawson as my lovely and talented model! Thanks, Dirty Dawson, for helping me out!

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