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INTRODUCTION. Let out your inner Rock Star girls, this weeks Spotlight Site is BooHoo is a United Kingdom based company dedicated to staying on fashions most forward trends while keeping prices at their bottom dollar. BooHoo is relatively new to the game. For a company that has been around for a mere 6 years they offer a pretty large selection of garments.

STYLE. FLASHY! Boohoo carries recreations of high end runway fashion.   Most all the garments at Boohoo are statement pieces; not a place for basics. Their stuff is very cool and very edgy. I asked my best friend, Emily Dawson, (who’s taste is, in my opinion, impeccable), how she would describe the garments at boohoo and she said “I would say the site's style is trendy, flashy, and young… You definitely could style an outfit from BooHoo but, personally, I wouldn't. Everything is so trendy and loud that I would have to tone it down with some other choices.” Also, you need to keep in mind that this company is based in Dublin, Ireland where fashion trends tend to be a bit more over the top than here in The States (The Jersey Shore excluded… what is in the drinking water up there???)

Price. $10-$100 BooHoo stays true to their vow to keep their cost down. They’re prices are very affordable especially considering that their garments are at the early stages of the trend cycle. I ordered a pair of fabulous “treggings” (trousers meet leggings) with leather inserts on the front for only $25. I mean pleather not leather, but they look great. They don’t look cheap at all.

Wear-ability. The first time I found this site, I knew I had found Legging Heaven! They have the biggest selection of leggings I have every seen. I’ve only ordered one pair but I love them. And I certainly plan to order more.
A lot of this stuff is over the top, I think if you’re a preppy girl or really boho/hipster you could find a few items here to add some edge to your wardrobe. So I’d say, they don’t market to everyone but I think everyone could find something they like here. And come on, regardless of our individual styles, we all occasionally attend events where we went to have a little more edge in our look. This is a place you can go with that mindset.

Size&Fit. They do not offer a wide variety of sizes, i.e. plus sizes or talls or petites. They offer straight-forward, basic sizes and, from what I can tell, they run quite small. The leggings I ordered are M/L and they are a bit tight. I’m not the only one who feels they run small. I read several reviews from girls have the same complaint. My advice is to use the size chart and to probably order the next size up from what you would normally wear. Also, DO NOT FORGET this is a UNITED KINGDOM based company thus all of the garments are in UK sizes. DO NOT FOR GET THEY ARE DIFFERENT. I mean their S M L are the same, but the numbers are different. Here’s a GREAT converter chart, it’s actually the easiest I’ve ever seen!

Quality&Construction. Quality Quality Quality! The leggings I bought are beautifully made. The detail is outstanding. I love the tuxedo pockets in the back and they are so well made with strong but soft fabric. Love the textiles. I’ve read a few reviews with claims of “you get what you pay for” implying that because the price of the garments is cheap that the garments themselves are cheap. I’ve only ordered one item and I didn’t have that problem, but I would still be wary.

Shipping&Returns. In regards to shipping I wasn’t, how should I say, impressed? They told me I would receive my item on 9/11 and I received it on 9/13. I mean, it was only two days late, but for two days I was certain my items were lost and I was going to have to figure out something else to write my blog post on this week. I realize the parcel was coming all the way from Dublin and we live in reality and in reality that should take a while. My problem wasn’t with the amount of time the parcel took to arrive, my problem was that boohoo told me the wrong date. I KNOW I KNOW, its and “estimated” arrival date, but most other companies are usually spot on with their arrival date. I just feel like, Boohoo isn’t up to par with their shipping “prediction” skills.
Ok now the Return Policy… drama. I don’t even want to write about it, but I’m going to.
      1. You must send your item back with in 14 days of the dispatch date. WELL CRAP it took nearly 14 days to get to me in the first place! So if you don’t like it, you better decide imminently!
     2. If they happen to decide that the garment is not what they refer to as “saleable” condition they have the right to not refund your money. ???
     3. “For returns made outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, these must be returned at your own cost.” I’m sorry, if your item is faulty, I don’t think I should have to pay to send it back to you.
      4. They DO NOT offer any exchanges.
Bottom Line: All sales are final. They aren’t going to “SAY” all sales are final, but they’re going to make it so impossible for you to return an item that you will just give up.

Recap. Here you go, offers recreation’s of high end fashion for unbeatable prices. HOWEVER you better be sure,
  • Be fully prepared to spend that money (however little it is).
  • Always use that size chart girls, be at least 98% sure its going to fit.
  • Know you love it and you are going to wear it. Because ladies, excuse my french, but returning that garment is going to be a bitch!

TIP. Got some cute summer dresses you’re not ready to store under the bed yet? Did you hit that end of season clearance rack this September? Don’t worry, It’s easy to work that floral print in to your fall wardrobe. Just pair it with a nice tailored jacket. A cute military inspired jacket or velvet blazer will work great. Make sure you focus on more tailored pieces to put with those sweet sundresses. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful! 

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