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ASOS Review

Fellow shopaholics and readers of blogs, I was very excited/shocked to see how many people checked out my blog last week. Thank you! I'm posting one day early this week, because honestly, I just couldn't wait. However, classes start next week so this will probably be the one and only early appearance. In appreciation for my many new readers I am happy to introduce you to this week's Spotlight Site, ASOS.com!  
                                                 Olivia Munn 
INTRODUCTION. ASOS.com is by far the site I frequent most often. I was turned on to ASOS while living in Manhattan in response to my complaint that I couldn’t afford 5th Avenue prices and after I buy a piece from H&M, I’ll soon see 3 girls on the street wearing the exact same item.  In short, I couldn’t afford originality but I was tired of the norm.  ASOS not only solved this problem for me, but it pushed me in, head first, to online shopping. They have a huge range of sizes including petite, plus size and maternity. ASOS carries over 800 fashion labels and they claim to add 200 new styles a day (I don't know if I believe the "200 new styles a day" bit, but they certainly do have a lot). The site is quite easy to navigate and for the most part the price tags are very affordable. I’m not the only one with a crush on ASOS; tons of celebrities have been photographed rocking ASOS. Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Rowland, Olivia Munn (love Olivia), Taylor Swift, Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts,  Eva Longoria … I could go on, but you get the idea.  So ASOS is the perfect place for regular girls to get celebrity style. 
                                             Emma Roberts
STYLE. ASOS is extremely trendy. This is not The Gap (a great place to shop for basics). Go to ASOS when you’re looking for the latest fashion fads like this falls pretty Peter Pan Collar. ASOS is a great place to “Be trendy not spendy.” Or if you like, you can be trendy AND spendy at ASOS, not only do they carry affordable items from designers like French Connection and their own ASOS line but they also have pricey designers like House of Holland and Camilla & Mark .
PRICE. The price range is enormous; roughly $5-$1000 and they are always having sales. Which in my opinion is fantastic! Please take a look at this adorable ASOS top with Peplum for only 20 bucks and some change… or for my readers with plus size wallets check out this to die for Chalayan Grey Line Sleeveless Shirt Tunic Trapeze Hem for a mere $300.   Yes that’s American dollars… not pesos. So in short, the prices at ASOS can adhere to really any budget. 
                                                 Dakota Fanning
WEARABILITY. ASOS has a HUGE selection. They define wear-ability. They have everything from lounge clothes to cocktail dresses in sizes from 1 to 22. I bought the shirt I slept in last night from ASOS and I also bought my NYE dress from them. They market to almost every age. I’ve seen images of Dakota Fanning (who I’m pretty sure is just perpetually 12 years old) decked out in ASOS all the way to our beautiful First Lady, Mrs. Obama looking lovely and sophisticated in ASOS clothing. So I’d say the clothes are about as wearable as they come.
                                    Michelle Obama
SIZE&FIT. I have never had trouble with size or fit from ASOS. One note I will make is to please be sure you are purchasing US sizes and not UK sizes. They are different. If you are a size 10 in the US and you order a UK size 10, when you receive this item you will be super sad because it will be about two sizes to small and probably mad at me because I told you ASOS stuff usually fits great! So don’t do it! Also, do not be discouraged by the horribly underfed, ghastly models. I try not to look at them because it makes me feel sad for them. My advice is to just look at the clothing and try to ignore the starving models.
QUALITY&CONSTRUCTION. Because ASOS carries a variety of designers it is difficult to say with certainty that all items are good quality and well made. I can say with complete honesty that I have been very pleased with the items I’ve purchased from ASOS. Like all garments, it is important to read the care instructions sewn in to the seam, but if the instructions are followed the pieces will look great even after several cleanings.
SHIPPING&RETURNS. ASOS claims, “Free shipping both ways. Everyday.” That means they offer free standard shipping. When I was living in Manhattan (close to their state-side warehouse) I would receive my items with in days of my order, but since I’ve moved back down south I can expect my delivery closer to a week and a half from my purchase date.  They are really good about shipping within 24 hours of your order and they are always spot on when predicting the delivery date. I’ve never had to play the “when will it be here” guessing game with my deliveries. If you just can’t live another week with out your special new piece you can pay an extra $12 per order for express 2 day shipping. Which I think is pretty reasonable.
Now for returns, While, I personally have never had to return any items to ASOS, I’ve read that doing so is not an easy task.  While it is true that they do not charge you for return shipping, based on consumer reviews it takes quite along time for ASOS to add the money back to your credit card. One consumer reports “Returning anything is horrible… Bought a cute expensive Bathing suit, returned it and 30 days later still no refund!” So, if you are not an experienced online shopper and you are concerned about having to return items to ASOS, please see the TIP section of this post for advice.
RECAP. Over all, I have and would recommend shopping at ASOS.com. They are by far my current favorite. Even though they didn’t get the best reviews for returns, I still think this a good place to shop for even the most novice of online shoppers. I hope you all found my review helpful! And please feel free to comment and ask questions! 
1. ASOS Round Sunglasses, $20.44. 2.
-->ASOS CLOVER Leather Knee High Boots, $102.18. 3. Nishe Mannish Tailored Blazer, $170.30. 4. A Wear Polka Dot Wrap Dress, $59.60. 5. -->ASOS Felt Doctors Bag, $102.18. 6. -->ASOS Cross Earrings, $10.22.
TIP. The most common complaint I hear about online shopping is “Oh but I need to try things on.” Well you can still try things on; and here’s the upside: you can try things on in the privacy of your own home with the benefit of having your own accessories available to mix and match. The down side is that if it doesn’t fit you will have to mail it back. Usually most sites, like ASOS.com and Zappos.com,will cover the cost of return shipping. To avoid the heartbreak of having to return a gorgeous item that doesn’t fit, you should make use of the size chart each site provides you before you purchase. You’ll need to invest
--> in measuring tape and write down your measurements. Knowing your measurements and you using the size chart will dramatically cut down on your amount of returns.
And don't forget, do you love it? Happy Shopping! Scottie Key 

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  1. ASOS is great; I think I will do some online shopping now! And, I have returned items on ASOS; I did not have any problems. It was quick and easy, especially considering it is international shipping.


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