Monday, December 17, 2012

So, I've Got Some News...

Me & Santa at My Christmas Party

Hi Dolls,
There are going to be a few changes around Scottie's Paper Dolls. I have recently become a contributing author to in their fashion section called Svelte! I'm very excited to become a published author, however it means I will be blogging from that site primarily (twice a week). Don't worry, I'll continue maintaining my blog but probably in a slightly different format. I'll still have my Southern Threads and my Hair Tutorial Reviews but I think I'll be posting my Shopping Reviews mostly through Svelte and then posting the link here. I'm very excited! Here's my first post Light UpThe Room On New Year's Eve.

In the meantime below is a mini post on some very trendy winter accessories!

Oxblood and Leopard print? Sounds pretty gruesome but looks pretty awesome! (Sorry, that was cheesy). Here are a few super cute ways to rock Oxblood and Leopard Print:

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