Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winter Coat Wish List

Readers of blogs, how I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy and so crazed with my school schedule that I’ve had to neglect things that are normally on my priority list. For example, cleaning my house went out the window first, naturally. Second came wearing make-up, I ditched that right quick. Next went my social life, I have no idea if my best friends power has come back on since hurricane Sandy, however I do know she is alive and unharmed. I’ve missed two episodes of Son’s of Anarchy and one episode of The Walking Dead. And last and most appallingly, I’ve neglected my blog. I’m sorry, friends.
I’m back with what I think is a very fun post! I’ve shopped around at all my FAVORITE online shopping stops to pick out my top 30 favorite winter-coats under $300!
Now, I realize for most of us (myself included) $300 is not exactly chump change. However, a good winter coat is certainly worth a splurge.

A.   Most of us where our winter-coat most everyday during the months November, December, January and February. So this is the coat that strangers, co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and basically every single person you pass will see you in. It should be beautiful.
B.    A good winter coat should last you at the VERY LEAST 2 winters. If you spend $300 that’s $150 a year and a $1.25 a day. My rule of thumb for how much I’m willing to spend on a basic or a staple garment (i.e. Jeans, Boots, Coats) is as followed: I will spend $1 for every 1 day I will wear it.
C.   This is the garment that is keeping you warm and protecting you from the elements. In my opinion, my health is worth investing in.

So, now I will step down off my winter-coat soapbox and unveil my top 30 picks for Winter 2012-2013! Enjoy! 


I hope you found something you love! Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter & facebook!


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