Sunday, October 21, 2012

Very Vintage Vibe Review

Hi Ladies! 
Here's another fabulous review of one of my favorite pinterest finds. 
Today my model is my beautiful sister-in-law Mallory Key! Mal, is neither a model or a hairstylist, she's a Second Grade Teacher. :)
The tutorial I'm reviewing is called the Very Vintage Vibe: 50's Inspired Ponytail and can be found at The Beauty Department

Just as a refresher or encase you're new to Scottie'sPaperDolls I have my non-hairstylist friends attempt the online tutorials with no help from me (a hairstylist). If the tutorial turns out like the picture than it's a good tutorial! If it doesn't turn out correctly, then I show you some adjustments to make so you can achieve the look at home. :)

I hope you enjoy, comment or message me if you have questions!

Mallory, separating the front portion of her hair.

She's using a clip to hold the front portion in place. Teasing at the crown. 
*NOTE* I want to talk about teasing. Not everyone knows how to properly tease their hair. I'll be doing a video soon explaining how to do it... it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

After smoothing over the tease, Mallory puts the remaining hair (Not the hair in the clip) into a secure (tight) ponytail. 

Now she takes the hair from the clip and "drapes" it back to wrap it completely around the pony tail and securing it with bobby pins. Then smoothing out the pony by brushing it.

 Here's the finished look! I think its a very sweet look and should take about 10 minutes if your hair is already curled.
*Note* for a more dramatic bump, tease more. :)

Hope you enjoyed it! 
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