Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Little Beauty Box: Review

INTRODUCTION.! I have so been looking forward to writing about this site! My product finally came in the mail yesterday so the opportunity is here! Birch Box is a strictly online company for beauty supplies. It’s not your typical beauty supply store; it’s so much more and so much more fun! I always want to try new beauty products, but I just don’t have the time or the motivation to shop around, do research and I don’t want to pay full price for a product I’m not sure I will like. Birch Box is a great solution for all those problems.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for a subscription and Birch Box will send you a cute little box filled with samples of new and exciting products! I love this. It’s like getting a little gift once a month. They send it to you like a magazine subscription, monthly, and you get make-up, fragrance, skin care and one or to other non-beauty products.

PRICE. $10 for a monthly subscription and you can cancel at anytime or $110 for an annual subscription. Not much more than an average fashion magazine subscription and you get make up and perfume and fun stuff too!
 WEAR-ABLILITY. When you first sign up for you subscription, they have you fill out a questionnaire about things you like, your skin tone and things you do not care for. This way, your box full of samples is tailored to your looks and taste. This month I received an adorable eye shadow that is perfect for my skin tone. 
QUALITY&CONSTRUCTION. Birch Box carries well-known and semi-high-end brands like Benefit, Juicy Couture, CARGO, and Essie along side up and coming stars like the company who made my new eye shadow, theBalm. They do basically all the beauty trade research, pick out what is fresh and new, and then tell you about it. It’s like a beauty magazine, but samples instead of pictures.

SHIPPING&RETURNS. Here’s the downside, you have to get on a WAITING LIST to even buy a subscription! They are so popular, that there is a four-week wait right now and I’m sure with Holiday Season coming up, the wait will only get worse.  Once you’ve made the list, you have to wait until the following month for your box. I subscribed for mine on August 24th, 2012 and I received my box on October 16, 2012. It’s worth the wait, but nevertheless it’s still a long wait.
Good news is that if you like a product from your Birch Box they offer free shipping on the full size version if you order from their website.

RECAP. Even though there is a wait to get a subscription, I still love it! I totally recommend this! Also, I think an annual subscription is a great Christmas or Birthday gift! Check out!

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TIP. This week I have a beauty tip for you! If you want to use a little less foundation, but tinted moisturizer doesn’t offer enough coverage, try blending your liquid foundation with your facial moisturizer. I put a drop of facial moisturizer on the back of my hand, then add a drop of liquid foundation and mix them together with a foundation brush. It works great! 

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  2. Thank you Beth, that is one of my favorite scarves! I knitted it myself! XoXo


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