Sunday, September 30, 2012

Introducing Southern Threads

"Southern Threads" has been a baby idea for a blog thread in my mind for a while now. Today I think I'm going to give it some milk and spinach and see if it grows up into something cool. "Southern Threads" will just be a casual collage piece made up of images with a few captions. I'll post pics of all the great loot I get from my online shopping adventures. Also, I bet you didn't know I have major thrift shopping skills! So I'll post my awesome "pre-owned" finds. In addition you might not know, I'm a Fashion Merchandising Student. Everyday, I got to school and see these fantastic outfits that are totally blog worthy, so from now on, I'll snap pics of the great looks I see and I'll be mixing in a little Southern Street Style. 

**Fingers Crossed** this will improve my photography and editing skills! Please be patient with me here!

 I hope you enjoy it!

ASOS Curve Tulip Dress With Tie Waist & ASOS Curve Elbow Patch Cardigan
ASOS Smooth Triangle Collar Tips

Ruche Pure Imagination Printed Cardigan

Thrifting Loot each dress was $5.99

Thrifting Loot Vintage Oversized Sweater $3.95  Riding Boots $5

Vintage Ox-Blood Blazer $8.95

Vintage Black Blazer $8.95
Jewelry from Anna's Armoire
ModCloth Black Peacock Feather Tights (No Longer Available)

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