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a la Modcloth Review

INTRODUCTION.  Happy September friends! September is exciting for me because it means October is next and October is my very favorite month. Alright, back to shopping, if you have a Facebook account, you’ve probably seen an ad for this weeks Spotlight Site,, on the side of you screen (…everyday for the past two years).  They must be making a killing because they have advertising at every corner of the Internet.  Formed by High school sweet hearts, Susan Gregg Koger & Eric Koger (, ModCloth is all about the love of everything Vintage, Retro, and Indie. Started from Susan’s love of thrift and consignment shopping, Modcloth is a brilliantly modern take of the best looks of the past.
It’s a really neat site and they have a lot of cool things going on. I’ll be focusing specifically on the clothing aspect, however, I do recommend checking out their Apartment section because they have some really nice pieces. Also, have a look at their Be The Buyer section, it's cool too. Modcloth seems really dedicated to the online fashion community and I appreciate that.
-->   STYLE.  Modcloth is everyday vintage. Perfect for the devoted rockabilly or a girl looking to style up her wardrobe with a few retro throwbacks. Even though Susan & Eric have hit it big, they haven’t abandoned their indie roots. Modcloth works with over 700 independent designers and post new pieces every day, including a few truly vintage pieces.
--> PRICE. $15-$600 Typically runs on the low end, but you will find a few garments that run a little high for the average online shopper.  Things sell out quickly because they buy from so many designers in such small quantities. So go in with a plan, know what you’re looking for or at least how much you’re willing to spend, so you can make your purchases quickly.
--> WEARABILITY. Modcloth is limited to girls with a certain taste. They offer all things retro… and that’s it. They have a niche, and actually, that’s really good. I always know where to go for a taste of the past. Also, while they offer a large selection of different pieces they don’t offer many casual looks. It’s mostly skirts and dresses. I wear dresses everyday, that’s just my style, but I do realize that’s not usual.  Modcloth is marketed towards a youthful consumer. What does “youthful” even mean? I’m not saying women over a certain age shouldn’t shop here (yes I am). Who am I to say what “a certain age” means (in this case it means 45+)?--> -->
--> The size was perfect for me. I used their size chart and didn’t have a problem. All of my friends seem to agree that their garments fit the way they expected them to. I read one review online claiming the garments ran a bit big, but that’s the only person I’ve seen run in to that problem
Coin The Fun Dress $134.99
QUALITY&CONSTRUCTION. I recently ordered the Everyday Edgy Leggings and the Black Peacock Feather Tights and I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the leggings. The tights were beautiful and exactly what I thought they would be based on the photo and description, but the leggings were sad. They were very poorly constructed. I felt like they were going to fall a part as I was putting them on. I will be returning them, actually exchanging them. I’m not done with Modcloth, I just think because they work with so many designers the quality on CERTAIN ITEMS can be questionable (or dismal). My cousin Hayley compared the quality (in her awesome super raspy voice and slight southern accent) to "what you would find at H&M or Forever21."My cousin and I are not the only ones with mixed feelings on Modcloth, ChristineTravis states in her review “The quality of Modcloth's clothing has been, for me, very hit or miss. It seems I return about half of the items I buy and really, really love the other half. Some items are not made from quality material or have irregular and inconsistent fits. If you buy from modcloth, you need to be prepared for the possibility of a return.” 
SHIPPING&RETURNS. Free shipping on orders $50+ and free shipping on returns. My items came with in a timely fashion and I believe the shipping cost was 4.99 for standard shipping. I haven't spoken with anyone who has commented on their expierence with returns to Modcloth, however I will certainly be returning my "Everyday Edgy Leggings" and I will let you know how that goes. *UPDATE* ModCloth read my blog and contacted me about the leggings. They said they'd take care of me. Either give me my money back or exchange them. I haven't had a chance to mail them back yet, but I think it's safe to say dealing with them is quite pleasant! They seem very commited to customer service, so ModCloth gets an A+ for niceness. 
RECAP.  I think I would recommend this site with caution. You should be aware of the “hit or miss” quality issues, but all together I think their stuff is really cool and I love the dedication to indie artist. My cousin Hayley agrees with me. She says "even though I have to be more careful with them [while laundering the garments], I would recommend it. I think the price is great and the styles are always very desirable.”
TIP. With Labor Day on my mind, I would like to say this: Whoever said you may not wear white after Labor Day is dumb. White is a beautiful color that signifies in our subconscious wealth & luxury. Wear white whenever you please… except to a wedding, that rule still applies. That being said, I would like to share with you the greatest fashion tip I have ever received. My late mother kindly told me once as I was trying on a pair of white pants “If you want everyone to know how big your barn is, paint it white.” I'll leave you on that note!
My mother, Anita, while visiting me in Manhattan, Ny
(03/31/1959 - 02/21/2012) 
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